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Wombat pooA company in Tasmania is boasting a great success with their new line in wombat poo paper.

Despite other local companies in the area feeling the effects of the global recession local manufacturers Creative Paper have gone from strength to strength since introducing their new product line, wombat poo paper. The company already produce a paper made from kangaroo excrement, but were given the idea of using wombat droppings by their site visitors.

“Back in 2005 we did a kangaroo poo paper and the whole idea and concept of that was in Africa for many years they have been using elephant dung to make into paper,” Creative Paper boss Darren Simpson said.

“So we knew, as paper makers, we knew that as long as the animal was eating a plant fibre, we could use it, but the whole wombat idea come from the tourists themselves.

“As people were coming through and we were showing them the samples of our paper, they would throw questions at you like, ‘Can you make it from sheep poo?’ or ‘Can you make it from koalas?’ and the one that kept popping up more than any other was the wombat.

“So we thought, ‘Well, the customer obviously wants it,’ so we thought, ‘Let’s give it a go,’ and it happened to turn out to be a very nice paper.”

The end result is a very clean product and has no foul smell, the production process is another story however.

“When we are boiling it, it does smell horrific as you can imagine but once it has been sterilised and rinsed properly, there is no scent left to it,” Darren Simpson explains.

“If anything it just gives you a nice, organic smell.

“It is very, very clean. It is very fibrous so basically once you break it up, basically what you are look at is as if the animal has just eaten grass and it has just gone through its system.”

If wombat poo paper wasn’t strange enough, the poo itself is also quite remarkable. In the wild wombats use their faeces to mark their territory, so they climb to high rocky points on the edge of their territory and defecate there. To ensure the stools don’t roll away evolution has blessed the wombat with a unique anal sphincter which squeezes the bum-nuggets into little cuboids.


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