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The President of Tanzania, Jakaya Kikwete has announced a nationwide referendum where people can secretly name anyone they think is responsible for killing albinos in order to harvest their body parts. This extreme measure is another tactic to be used against the brutal killers who are slaying albinos for their supposed lucky properties. The Tanzanian Government have previously banned all witch doctors from practicing and enlisted the help of Interpol in their fight against the albino hunters. This latest development is to try to ensure that the problem is eliminated and the country’s image to the international community is cleansed, President Kikwete told reporters. “People should feel free to name those who are behind these barbaric killings and other criminal acts within their localities” he said. Last week a Canadian politician was calling for aid sanctions against Tanzania to encourage the Tanzanian Government to do more to solve the problem. Despite the alarmingly high level of albinos murdered in recent months there have been no convictions made. With this new development fears are growing that a witch doctor hunt is about to begin in the country with neighbours falsely accusing each other to settle scores.


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