Filmmaker Charged With Murder

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Mark TwitchellCanadian filmmaker Mark Twitchell has been charged with first degree murder by Edmonton police. Twitchell is accused of luring 38 year old Johnny Altinger to a concealed garage by pretending to be a woman online, then strapping him to a chair and cutting him to pieces.

Twitchell who runs Xpress Entertainment had just completed filming his latest independent movie entitled “House of Cards” which used a shockingly similar plot. Twitchell posted a casting advertisement for the thriller back in August this year on his Facebook account. In September someone using Twitchell’s known YouTube username, and e-mail name XpressDirector purchased a “telescopic stun gun baton” from iOffer.Com an online auction site.

Then on the 10th of October Johnny Altinger told friends he was meeting an online acquaintance and gave them directions to where he was going. He has never been seen since, but when police began investigating his disappearance they found enough forensic evidence at the garage to arrest Twitchell on Halloween night and charge him with first degree murder.

Speculation is mounting that Twitchell turned his fiction into a reality, and there are even concerns that the murder of Johnny Altinger was even recorded with plans to be released as a snuff film.

Twitchell was currently working on a massive non-profit making Star Wars fan film entitled Secrets of the Rebellion, Xpress Entertainment’s website is currently offline and IMDb lists SOTR as still post production.

Credit to True Crime Report


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