Family of cannibals eat boy alive

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Cannibal familyAn eight year old boy was kept prisoner by his own family, tortured, sexually abused and even more shockingly partially skinned and devoured.

Klara Mauerova, along with her sister Katerina, and three other accomplices, chained her two sons Ondrej 8 and Jakub 9 in a closet in the cellar and periodically abused and tortured them. The boys were beaten, whipped with belts, burnt with cigarettes, sexually abused and ordered to cut themselves with knives.

The boys were kept in a cage, or handcuffed to furniture left to stand in their own urine and faeces. But most shocking is the discovery that little Ondrej was partially skinned and the group of sadists imprisoning him were also cannibals who ate his flesh.

The horrific acts were finally revealed when a neighbour of the house, in Brno in the Czech Republic, installed an identical wireless video baby monitor to the one Klara Mauerova had installed so she could watch her children suffer from the comfort of the sitting room.

When the neighbour switched on his baby monitor shocking images of the boys naked, bound and gagged in their cellar appeared on the screen. The unnamed neighbour immediately informed the police and they broke down the door of the house to investigate.

Barbora SkrlovaThe police found the two boys, and what was first thought to be a 13 year old girl who was also a victim of abuse. Most bizarrely the so called 13 year old was infact 34 year old Barbora Skrlova, one of the boys abusers!

Skrlova had been posing as a 13 year old, and Klara Mauerova had actually been going through proceedings to formally adopt her as her daughter.

Skrlova had been taken to a children’s home to be cared for, when she escaped and fled to Norway. Czech police managed to trace her and took her back to the Czech Republic to face trail for the atrocities.

Both Klara Mauerova and her sister Katerina, and Barbora Skrlova were all members of a sinister religious cult called the Grail Movement.

At the court hearings of the accused it was claimed that the abuse of the children was partially coordinated by a man known only as the “Doctor”, and he is believed to be one of the leaders of the Grail Movement.


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