Students Eat Cat

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A group of students from the Danish School of Journalism in Aarhus have posted a picture report of themselves cooking and eating a feral cat on Facebook.

The stunt was intended to draw attention to factory farming, and the students insist the cat was killed humanely by a farmer controlling the number of feral cats on his land.

Animal rights groups however have voiced their disgust at the sensationalist protest, and Facebook have deleted the students account after receiving numerous complaints from animal lovers.

Laura Bøge Mortensen who carried out the culinary feat says she is disappointed that Facebook deleted their profile, and genuinely surprised by the reactions they received.

“We wanted people to think about what it was they were putting in their mouths,”

“It’s hypocritical for us to spend thousands on our pets, yet buy the cheapest pork from Netto that comes from pigs that have lived a horrid life. And just why is it that it’s worse to eat a cat than a pig?”

Laura continues, saying that it was something of a struggle for the group to bring themselves to eat an animal which they would normally consider a cute pet.

“We had to count to three before we sat down to eat, and I wouldn’t really say that we stuffed our face. Everyone did take a bite though,” she said, before revealing the taste was “a little like chicken, with an aftertaste of fur”.

The following photos are taken from the Facebook profile, and some readers may find them shocking and distasteful.










Cubed earwax

    Give me there name!!!!! If you think you’ re funny you’ re wrong!!!! You only deserve to finish like the cat!!! burn in hell for what you did!!!!

  • Mimi

    C’est immonde!!!! Une bande de connes!!!

  • Ma-Requin

    I don’t understand why they did that, there is no other meat to eat !?
    Is Danemark starving to death !??
    What’s the point of such action ?
    Please, explain to me !
    I wish that they will burn in hell
    For what they did

  • Vigo

    Plutôt que de leur souhaiter d’aller brûler en enfer, j’espère qu’il va leur arriver la même chose que ce qu’elles ont fait au chat : se faire découper en morceaux, cuire et manger…

  • Ben

    Quelle Honte!!!

  • caroline

    Quelle bande de dindes c’est honteux… et prendre des photos aussi ignobles, leur sourir me fait vomir. C’est plus qu’honteux, il n’y a pas de mots pr vous décrir.. je farcirais bien de la dinde danoise moi aussi!

  • Estelle

    Ces filles ne sont que des grosses connes, rien dans la tête, même leur sourire me ferait pleurer!
    Et ça ose se regarder dans la glace ça?
    Mais allez vous suicider!!! Vous soulagerez la planète de votre connerie et remonterez l’estime de l’Homme.
    Bandes de connes.
    Vous devriez êtres punies pour ça!

  • Nat

    c’est vraiment lamentable, j’ai honte d’appartenir à la même espèce que c’est soit disant êtres humains.
    Quand est-ce que l’homme arretera le massacre sur ces pauvres animaux, en voyant ça et en sachant qu’on est en train de tuer la planete, vivement que ce jour arrive finalement, au moins plus personne ne souffrira, c’est une torture pour certain d’entre nous aussi, un tel spéctacle.

  • florence de perpignan

    on ne peu pas rester insensible a tant de connerie,honte a ces etudiants

  • gwen

    bande de connasses!!!et elles se marrent en plus?!!!je ne leur souhaite rien de bon!!!et ça se dit humain? va falloir redéfinir le mot là!!!

  • simplymary

    Quelle bande de sales p**tes, il faudrait les torturer doucement, les faire hurler de douleur. C’est honteux. Il n’y a pas de mots pour qualifier ce comportement. Que fait le gouvernement ? J’aimerais qu’elles soient livrées à la vindicte populaire. Comme je souhaiterais m’en occuper personnellement, je leur ferais passer l’envie de recommencer.

  • simplymary

    Encore en plus elles sont laides ces garces !!!


    Il n’y a pas de mots pour qualifier ce genre de choses!!!! c’est honteux de voir de telles images !!! Il y a autre chose à manger sur terre, peut-être que ces trois connes ne le savent pas ? Je me ferais un plaisir de leur faire passer un sale moment comme elles le font avec ces pauvres bêtes !!! A leur place, au lieu de rire comme des bécasses, j’aurais très très honte !!! quelles salopes !!! je ne me venterai pas à leur place…. Il faut arrêter ce genre de massacre. Quand l’être dit “humain” va t il arrêter ses conneries ? Quand on pense que les gouvernements acceptent ce genre de choses, je crois qu’il n’y a plus rien à espérer…..

  • ludodu13

    elles snt vraiment trop conne ces gonzesse jaimerai bien me les farcir…

  • michela

    Che vergogna che orrore sono profondamente indignata a vedere queste immagini augure alle tre stronze la stessa fine

  • Aurélie

    Trois erreurs de la nature et il y en a tant d’autres, ça fait peur !!!!!

  • seb

    le pire reste venir …………
    le monde vous attend au tournant….
    prener garde a votre chatte

  • Teri Brown

    I found this to be very disturbing! I consider my pets as family, would you eat your grandmother? They are like people, just in different form – they bleed, breathe, and they have feelings just like us – people like this shouldn’t be alive!

  • Jenna

    Do you guys not understand the whole point of this “project”; you are saying, they bleed, and have feelings just like us? Yes, we all understand that. But why is the life of a cat more important than that of a cow, or a pig, or a chicken? They bleed, and breathe as well, only they get treated horribly. You should think about what you say or post for that matter, before you ostracize someone for showing that a cat, dog, cow, pig, chicken are all the same, only we as a society seem to think that cats and dogs are worthy of love and care.

  • Rico Dells

    Bon Apetit!!

  • Jeffery Smith

    You are the most disgusting excuse for humans that I have came across. Farm animals are raised for human resources, ths does not include dogs and cats. If someone had told me that they did what you people did I would have dunked their heads in boiling hot water and then beat them.

  • Marcus

    Although painful to look at this is a great point. In fact it is the pain in looking at these images that emphasises the point. (Smiles for the camera don’t help)

    This cat probably had a life of luxury compared to the vast majority of meat that us consumers eat. Going into a supermarket and seeing cellophane packaged meat that looks nothing like an animal separates us from the reality of what we are doing when we eat meat. This group of people are bringing the point that the meat we eat in supermarkets comes from real animals, and ones that have probably suffered much more than this cat did.

    If you think these three people deserve punishment, all of you (value) meat eaters should look at this:

    What these three people are doing is better that what the rest of us are doing with farmed meat (at least the cat lead a good life). Just because you don’t see these images when you go shopping in the supermarket doesn’t mean horrible things didn’t happen to those animals.

  • God’s hand

    u want fucking fublisity? fuck u, fuck your mom, your dad and your brother, go fuck yourself your mother fucker. i just a people who have a fucking life. i fucking wih u fucking die in the fucking same way like the cat u fucking asshole. fucking bye

  • Kaitlyn

    I’m guessing that most people posting how horrible this is, eat meat.

    It is wrong, but how is it different to killing a pig or a chicken?

    The only people who should be angry about this are vegetarians and vegans.

    Yes, I’m vegan and I don’t see how this is worse than killing any other animal

  • Deborah

    I hope you 3 will die, as Chineses also will do. STOP doing this, animals are our friends, human criminals not. FUCK! ;’((

  • nicole

    why are there so many frenchies on this site?

  • Dr. Falkin

    There are SO many logical fallacies in the comments of this article, it’s almost laughable.

    How did you fail to realize the whole point of this project?

  • facepalm

    There’s no fucking difference between eating a cow and eating a cat.

    So much facepalm.

  • nick

    there is no point its just morbid what kinda stupid bitch eats cats, cats are pets you fucking idiots thats like eating hamsters and dogs you dumb fucks make me sick i hope you die

  • nick

    eating a cat and a cow is different cuz nobody but losers and freaks crave the media attention by eating a cat

  • nick

    just because we farm animals doesn’t mean cats and dogs need to be eaten your point is flawed and i hope somebody kills and eats you

  • Pierre Lechat

    Pig = Animal = Pet or Meat
    Chicken = Animal = Pet or Meat
    Goat = Animal = Pet or Meat
    Cow = Animal = Pet or Meat
    Cat = Animal = Pet or Meat
    Dog = Animal = Pet or Meat

    Anyone could make a pet out of any of these animals. Many people own pigs as pets, but that doesn’t stop you from eating bacon. Just because cats are a more common pet, doesn’t make them any less of a viable food source. And the cats from the article were not pets–they were stray cats (feral = homeless). So in this case, Cat = Animal = Meat or Flea Bus

  • OmNomNom

    I want some too!

  • Jess

    That’s dreadful, and they have no problem whatsoever in fully gutting, cutting up, and cooking the cat themselves?? That’s disgusting, also feral cat control is stupid, there is no humane way of killing an animal that lives in the wild we took from them.
    It wouldn’t be so bad, they could have made a fake and said it was real, or something, but I didn’t want to see pictures of the cat’s paws cut off and it being gutted.
    Than the fact that they smile and cheers to the camera, as if what they were doing was so decent and civilized.
    Makes me want to puke. These women are hypocrites, I hope they die and are eaten by the cat’s family.
    Sick bitches.

  • adolf

    that’s why i’m an herbivore for 15+ years.
    you don’t have to kill animals to survive, you do so because you’re selfish and weak. you will pay in the next phase of your existence

  • Burbs

    What the hell are all you people complaining about, saying these girls should die just because they ate a ferral cat! Good grief! It’s just an old stray cat! They haven’t killed a person!

    And as for showing pictures of it being gutted and paws cut off, do you think your sausages or beefburgers don’t involve any of that? Your pork chops are not grown on a tree you know!
    Good on them for preparing the meat, there are not many out there today who would know where to start on gutting their food.
    They are making a protest about factory farming, if you get so angry about this stunt, why aren’t you doing something about the conditions animals live in on factory farms?
    It seems to me that all those here screaming for the death of these girls, should grow up and stop acting like 7 year olds with a bad case of tourettes syndrome. You sound like potential animal rights terrorists, and we all know what despicable people they can be.

    Well done to these girls I say for having the courage to try this, and raise awareness. I am a meat eater, but I still think that all animals bred for our consumption should be farmed in the best conditions possible.
    A cat is just a cat, the same as a pig is a pig, all animals the just same. I wouldn’t want to eat one, but then Snails or Oysters don’t float my boat either.
    Bravo Girls! The world is becoming far too sensitive to these issues. Facebook (and those idiots here) should be ashamed of themselves.

  • Shadow

    How exactly is a cat different from any other animal?

    Cats and dogs were not put on this earth to be pets, nor were hamsters, gerbils, guinea pigs, etc. People just took them and kept them claiming them as their own so that point is invalid.

    A cat is an animal just like a cow is an animal. Why should they be treated differently?

    And by the way there are some countries where cows are kept as pets and dogs are raised like cattle and used for food. And they probably have the same view about us for eating cows as you guys do about these girls eating a cat.

    You people are such hypocrites. If you eat meat then you’re contributing to the deaths of animals plain and simple no matter what they are. Don’t try to justify it by saying that cows only exist to be our food and cats only exist to be our pets. They’re all just ANIMALS.

  • Less

    PET: A pet is an animal kept for companionship and enjoyment or a household animal

    So, im-hypocrite, but you are fucking mentally retarded!!!

    I hope these bitches die with a cancer in the brain!

  • Dinkaito

    I see very much wrongfullness in this project. Yes,cats and pigs are in ways the same thing. But, how about humans, well now your getting sensitive. Well, we’re meat too! If some scary martian fuck came down here and started eating us suddenly you’d be concerned! Humans can just as well be pet/food. Yet, I don’t see us eating people! Besides a cat is a small animal with distasteful meat. Not only is it small, but it doesn’t taste good! My only real reasons for seeing this as wrong are the afforementioned. It deserves life just as much as you do. But once you start killing to make points. Your life is more worthless than that of an inanimate rock. I hope they realize the inhumane and sick actions they’ve taken. May they pay for what they’ve done. It’s one thing to kill to survive but to kill in vain is just disgusting.

  • Choc

    Peoples minds are trained….
    Meat is Meat!!
    ive Killed my Pet cat and ate it!
    For a while people called me crazy
    but its just the way they were raised to think.
    fuse all you want…
    This is a great article!

  • Choc

    I disagree about the taste of cat..
    it tasted good…
    the way these pictures look were different the way i did mine…

  • Earl Morningstarr

    How did you cook the cat you ate Choc? Please let us know.

  • Archer

    This website rocks !. I continuously run into new things & distinct listed here. I appreciate you for that data.

  • leblond

    Face à un tel nombres de critiques, j’ai envie de dire … si vous n’étez pas végétalien(ne) vous n’avez pas le droit de critiquer car c’est ce que l’on fait tout les jours à des milliers de “pauvres animaux” dans les abatoirs en france pour vous nourrirs.
    Quel est la différence entre manger du chat, du poisson, du veau, du cochon ou tout autres animaux ? Aucun (en tout cas pour moi), ils ressentent tous des sentiments (entre autre la douleur lors de leur abatage).
    Donc pour ma part je peux leurs dire que ces “filles ne sont que des grosses connes” (pour reprendre vos écrits), mais si je dit ça, je vois pas pourquoi je dirais pas ça à la plupart des personnes qui on réagit à cet article, donc je m’abstiendrai de toute critique.
    En espérant n’avoir blesser personne.

  • PussyLover

    These women are horrible. You never fry cat, it is always much better braised.

  • Emilie

    Les Asiatiques mangent des chats et des chiens dans leur pays et la vache et le cochon son leur animal de compagnie.

    On mange la vache et le cochon alors que le chat et le chien sont nos animaux de compagnie.

    De la viande c’est de la viande ! Si tu es capable de manger du porc, sans avoir l’estomac qui te retourne quand tu sais par les conditions auxquelles ils ont passé, je me demande vraiment c’est qui le porc entre vous deux et qui est plus humain…

    Si tu manges de la viande, farme ta yeule quand les autres en mangent aussi meme si ce n’est pas la viande auquelle tu es habituée.

    Sinon offusque toi aussi pour les animaux de fermes tout autant que tes animaux chéris domestiques.

  • hugo

    motherfucker slut. you deserve hell motherfucker. I fuck you and your fucking friends. fuck your mother and your entire family.

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  • margot

    To all of you who wish death and suffering and stuff to these girls and to all the people who eat cat/dog meat. I bet most people in India wish the same thing to those stupid motherfucking less than human “people” who eat cow meat, as cow is a sacred animal there.